A day in my life so far

My morning routine from yesterday started like this at 06.00 rise and shine and feed up. Feed all 5 dogs, then move on to feed the 3 calf’s, then over to the stable block to feed and water my fathers 2 mares who are in foal, then on to my horse poppy who requires feed and her nets and water doing, then onto the pigs, 2 sows and boar in one pen and then to 11 weaners who just scream at me every morning, then on to the yard cat. Once that has been done then i go and collect all the buckets and re fill ready for evening. Then on to the chickens and ducks although they are pretty easy, feed, water and remove any eggs. Then back to house were the real hard work starts. Trying to get a teenager out of bed without causing world war 3 is near impossible especially with an interfering 11-year-old hanging around. Next as long as no arguments arose then onto feeding the children and the house cat. The 11 year old had a mental breakdown yesterday as we had run out of Coco pop rocks. The stroppy teen wanted a full English although we are already 20 mins late. We compromised with toast and a promise of a KFC for tea. Then dropped the girls off at school that a 30 min out of my trip before i get to work to start a grueling long 9 hours sat behind a desk. Then off we go back home to start the whole process again, although evening routine is slightly more stressful as i have to walk round all 80 acres looking for a Clydesdale to give her meds and her partner in crime a good feed. Its suicide walking into a field of 15 horses armed with a bucket in hand so i have to walk around the fields till i find them and bring them back up the barn and feed individually. The Clydesdale always finishes first and then pulls like mad to get to the other horse who eats super slow and savours every morsel im sure he does this on purpose so he can laugh at me holding the end of the lead rein and been pulled all over the place by a 750kg animal. Then it was off back to the stables for mucking out. Usually i listen to my radio but poppy smashed it in four pieces the previous night so i batted on in silence until the yard cat came in and meowed at the top of her voice for pouch whilst a mouse just ran passed her.



It’s cold and muddy… I’m about to give in!!! Whats it really like on the farm in winter?

I have decided to write this blog right now because it’s cold, muddy, windy, wet and downright depressing and I feel like giving up. A dear friend of mine suggested to write this blog so when the summer has arrived and I have a glass of wine in my hand I can look back at this and smile and say to myself it was worth it all after all.

Its 1st February and im trying to stay hopeful that spring will arrive soon. The morning routine is getting harder and harder right now. The farm is adding livestock on a weekly basis . The 2 sows and 11 mixed weaners arrived last weekend and the new Boer made an appearance this weekend. On top of the 3 calves who are already sharing a shelter with the two pregnant mares.  The poor chickens have been shut in the coup after the outbreak of avian influenza. Even the happy-go-lucky farm cat is looking a tad depressed.

I have never suffered from SAD before but this year i truly believe i have a mild case. I believe my trusty steed Poppy is also  having a similar bout at the minute. (I can’t do anything on my own without her copying.) She is currently stood in her warm stable that i clean out everyday with her warm expensive rug on, eating large quantities of premium haylage and top quality horse feed and still looking thoroughly miserable.  Wish i could sit in a clean house all day and just eat. But unfortunately once I have fed the 100’s of hungry mouth’s that are either neighing, mooing, clucking, meowing, woofing and snorting at me, that includes the children and husband, it of to the full-time job i go. After 9 hours of sitting in an office been civil and nice to people i go back home to go through the routine all over again.

So really my first blog post is a shout out to all the people who stop and tell me how lucky we are to live on the farm. I just want to say right now id swap your lifestyle any day of the week. It’s hard work and i am so tired right now. If i have not depressed you too much please follow my blog… I promise it will get better.

It really dosnt look like this at the minute